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Idée deco salon

La pièce de vie, la pièce principale, la plus importante aux yeux de beaucoup !
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Re: Idée deco salon

Messagepar domaine-maison » lun. 22 févr. 2016 17:11

Oui Jiki, tu as deviné ... :D tout en sachant que le plus important c'est le ressenti et aussi parfois de tester plusieurs positionnements.
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Re: Idée deco salon

Messagepar jiki » lun. 22 févr. 2016 19:00

domaine-maison a écrit :Oui Jiki, tu as deviné ... :D tout en sachant que le plus important c'est le ressenti et aussi parfois de tester plusieurs positionnements.

eh oui, j'ai appris cela il y a bien longtemps en Chine. Mes amis m'ont expliqué leur façon d'aborder l'architecture et décoration d'intérieur, choix matières et coloris, utilisation des végétaux..en fait, c'est souvent du bon sens et de l'harmonie.

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Re: Idée deco salon

Messagepar domaine-maison » lun. 22 févr. 2016 19:19

Tu as de la chance d'avoir été en Chine, cela devait être passionnant. De mon côté, je me suis formée au Feng Shui Occidental en Belgique, la base est identique mais les solutions correspondent plus à notre vie occidentale, en particulier pour les couleurs. Cette connaissance avec un travail de décoration apporte un résultat qui lie esthétique, bien-être et bon sens. En tout cas, cela a changé la vie de ma famille et mon évolution professionnelle. Et toi, Jiki, pratiques -tu ce que tes amis t'ont appris ?
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Re: Idée deco salon

Messagepar lilou2012 » mar. 23 févr. 2016 09:57

benji66380 a écrit :Et le style scandinave ca vous plait? Moi personnellement je trouve qu'il est super tendance et il a l'avantage d'être abordable au niveau du prix.
salon scandinave.jpg

oui tout à fait mon style ;)

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Re: Idée deco salon

Messagepar Nabila » mer. 27 sept. 2017 12:23

Perso je trouve la deco sublime.

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Messagepar e5BJ5LR6XN » dim. 29 avr. 2018 16:13

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Messagepar e5BJ5LR6XN » dim. 29 avr. 2018 16:14

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Messagepar e5BJ5LR6XN » lun. 30 avr. 2018 23:00

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Messagepar e8RT9so6Xl » mar. 1 mai 2018 00:07

Some people think Ward was a reach at 4, but ok so maybe by like 6 spots? And it entirely possible that Denver took him at 5 and then you end up losing the player they actually wanted by playing the analytics game and trading back, because that worked soooo well in the past..

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Messagepar e8RT9so6Xl » mar. 1 mai 2018 00:10

Factset: FactSet Research Systems Inc.2018. Those are just some ideas and are based in my opinions, and I don't mean to offend or over criticize your work. Because of its primary role in distribution, School Specialty has been able to run a surprisingly capital light business, outsourcing most of the manufacturing of its proprietary brands.

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The kids around the country and you had expected some some kind of other response. So Kobe odds are pretty good considering all that. I don think the life of a cat is worth more than that of any other animal and it just doesn make any sense to slaughter cows to feed cats, but I also do not want to risk the health and well being of the pets I have adopted.

We (this sub) raised over $1,000 for kids, probably one of the biggest charitable grassroots giveaways this sub or their company has ever seen. So I just want to point out that Amazon can't end poverty by cutting their profit margins by a couple points.

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Then moving into the base, fighting to the capture point, blowing up spawn tubes or whatever, and then eventually capturing it.. These parents want to save their child, and the government has the audacity to say, "You can do that; you have to let your child die because we say so." There is just something wrong with that.

They accuse the media of ignoring important events and focusing on the lives of sports stars or television stars. Not so. Some people play the rules by swapping parts back and forth for inspection. One example might be in the promise to myself that I will take action to get that novel published.

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