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The cold wind blew the yellow l

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The cold wind blew the yellow l

Messagepar ylq » ven. 17 août 2018 02:52

The cold wind blew the yellow leaves swaying on the branches and buried them in the deep soil. In the winter of the southern country, there are only a few evergreen trees in the four seasons, standing proudly in the cold wind. Oh, I would like to be the deciduous tree that has faded the leaves in the cold wind. Unlike the evergreen trees that deliberately show themselves in the cold winter, they turn that display into power and wait for the spring next year.ay, "Simpler, simpler, this is life." After the atmosphere of harvest was diluted by the cold wind in the south, I deeply felt that in the days of racing against time, life is so short, youth is So vibrant. The knowledge of learning is like the annual ring. As time goes by, it writes traces of knowledge bit by bit in your mind. After learning the harvest, I can't help but feel: busy, busy, this is lealament that the passage of time seems to be no trace of water []Newport Cigarettes Website[/url], so I cherish the time. Before the test of destiny next year, our life is the ocean of a book. Ostrovsky said: "Life is only once, don't repent after being inactive." He said, and it did, and this has an immortal glory that flashes the passion of life--"Steel is How to make it." From the race against time, I learned the true meaning of "less strong and hard work, the old man is sad." Yes, in the field of study, we have the same sunshine and sufficient water, but the richness of the fruit that grows depends on the fertility it receives. We are busy studying in a simple life []Cheap Cigarettes[/url], working hard to make energy, and waiting for next year to achieve a rich harvest in the constant effom amazed at the passion and vitality of youth, so I redoubled my efforts to sow a seed of my own, waiting for the flowering results. Comrade Mao Zedong said: "The 17-year-old youth is like the sun at eight or nine o'clock. It is full of vigor." Yes, we are like the sun []Marlboro Red 100S[/url], we must know how to sow light and heat, and we will harvest a vibrant life. But if we don't know how to sow, then the earth will be a dead end, and what we get is just a darkness. Youth is upwards. As long as you know how to sow in youth, you are good at sowing, and you will be presented with a green and vibrant harvest in front of you.sowing is an important road to our success. We are eager to harvest, eager to enter the hall of success, then we have to learn to plant. When we stand in front of a magnificent building and marvel at its brilliance, we should not forget that this is not a castle in the air, but a pile of ordinary bricks. It can be said that this is done again and again. Harvested by sowing. It's also a pile of bricks. If you use it, it may create the most magnificent building in the world []How Much Is A Carton Of Newports[/url]. On the contrary, if you are lazy to use it, then it will only be a bunch of useless bricks, and you will not achieve planted it, so I harvested it. I deeply understand the truth of "a hard work, a harvest." Therefore, I hold the gimmick of knowledge and work hard in the field of study, gradually clearing from the state of ambiguity in the dream, until it becomes a reality. the trees in winter are doing the same dream []Cigarettes Online[/url]. Under the sway of the cold wind, they gradually faded their leaves and let them fall back to the roots. This is also planting a hope that is the same as ours. It allows the leaves to add nutrients to it, to accumulate strength, to show their prosperity in the spring of next year, and to let people see the power of life - this is the harvest of the tree. In the spring, people will only praise these rejuvenating trees, and will not praise the evergreen trees that do not know how to sow.

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