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characteristics and functions of the magnet

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characteristics and functions of the magnet

Messagepar ylq » mer. 5 sept. 2018 10:29

characteristics and functions of the magnet. In a short while, the teacher asked us a question: "Can the magnetic force of the magnet disappear?" The students are caught in the "abyss" of thinking Cigarette Online. I suddenly remembered a book I had seen before, then raised my head, raised my body, and raised my hand. The teacher is still making trouble. I saw that I raised my hand. Just like I saw the savior, I called me up. I confidently answered: "The magnetic force of the natural magnet will not disappear, and the magnetic force of the artificial magnet. The teacher will gradually disappear Online Cigarettes." The teacher listened very satisfied and asked me: "How did you know?" I proudly said: "I saw it in the book Marlboro Cigarettes Online." The teacher nodded after listening and said: " Everyone should learn from Kang Yuxin and read more useful books." All the students gave me an admirable look, and my heart was sweeter than eating day, I was writing homework. Written and written, I suddenly remembered the "Naughty Horse Jump" that the teacher borrowed for me. Then I dropped my homework and threw it at the book. I looked at it beautifully. I don't know when my mother came in. She thought that I was writing my homework seriously, but I was reading the extracurricular book! Later, I was "rewarded" by my mmom even reported to the language teacher that I went home and only wrote the homework and went to the "hungry" reading of extracurricular books. However, what I didn't even think about was that the language teacher actually used this as a topic to talk about oral communication. I sat in my seat, blushing like a watermelon, and like a red apple. More like son's mind. Reading can change your perception of things. ReadI know that from childhood to age, my parents have been raising me Marlboro Cigarettes. When I grow up, I have to repay their parenting grace like my parents.
emember once, I had a high fever. Mother turned over the cabinet to find medicine, the medicine was gone, and she had to go downstairs to buy medicine in the middle of the night. When I went upstairs, my mother was still panting, her face was green, and her hands were f care of me. Mother gave me the temperature first, then I applied the cold towel to my forehead with physical cooling, so I was so quick. That night, I had a high fever from time to time, my mother always accompanied me by my side, my father helped me wash out sweaty clothes and pants, and gave me porridge, peony and so on. It��s not easy to bring me big! I thought: "Parents can not care so much for me, go to bed earlier. But they didn't do this, tI woke up and saw my mother fell asleep by the bed, and Dad went to work. My mother's face was pale and she looked very embarrassed Carton Of Newports. I thought to myself: "I am getting through now. My father and mother have a lot of credit. Especially my mother, I have not gone to work. If my father and mother don't take care of me, now I can't be so fast. Visible, I am There is no one in their minds who can't replace it." Your meticulous care is really moving, and I want to learn from you.

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