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There are many meanings of the existence

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There are many meanings of the existence

Messagepar ylq » mer. 5 sept. 2018 10:29

There are many meanings of the existence of living beings. Some of the meaning of life lies in the search for and search for the value of their existence in their lifetime; some life is to use their own power to realize their dreams, and hope to leave a wonderful stroke in human history; The meaning is very simple, perhaps just the pursuit of instinct for life, but sometimes it can bring a lot of shock and revelatioe greenhouse is the cradle of life, and besides being a great place for plant growth, it is also a paradise for many insects Cigarettes For Sale. A few days ago, I went to the greenhouse to pick tomatoes. It was very interesting to find a few ants that were carrying food alongside a tomato seedling Wholesale Cigarettes. This aroused my curiosity about other insects in the greenhouse Newport Cigarettes. I started a while, I saw a bee in a cucumber field. The shape of this bee is very beautiful, black and yellow stripes, enviable small waist, light and translucent wings reflect a faint colorful light in the sunlight, except for the butt after the butt Outside the long needle, don't mention how good it is! After watching it for a while, I found that this bee is different from other bees: it won't fly! I feel very strange about this Marlboro Cigarettes Online. After careful observation, I found that its wings are incomplete. It crawled slowly forward, I don't know where it is going, I just thought it was pitiful, and my eyes followed it. Suddenly, another bee flew over and screamed and danced over it. It stopped crawling and seemed to be fascinated by the bees watching the flying. Its companion sang and flew away, but it was still ecstatic. I think it probably won't go any further. But after a while, it began to struggle to climb forward, and the speed seems to be faster. In the end, it climbed to a grass, it stopped, like a child climbing a tree, struggling to climb the grass branches, it crawled very slowly, and sometimes slipped down, but it still does not give up, again and again I slid down and climbed up again and again... Finally, it used it to hug the grass branches with the forelimbs, and the hind limbs were suspended and began to cross the legs like usual bees. I was shocked, it acthis bee, the significance of its existence is to make a real bee as much as possible. Even if you can't fly, leave the ground and enjoy the feeling of being lifted by the air. Perhaps this is just instinct, but I prefer to believe that it is due to the persistence and pery is originally an inseparable process. The so-called meaning is nothing but the pursuit of the living body itself, but whether it is to pursue the great significance of benefiting mankind or to pursue the tiny meaning of the wonderful self Carton Of Cigarettes, as long as you do your best, Working hard for the meaning of your heart,

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